The Department of Electrical Engineering started with an initial intake of 30 students in UG Program in 1957. At present the intake in UG program is 90. In 1982, the department started a part-time PG Program (Electrical Engg.) with an intake of 13 students and in 1997, a full time PG program (Power Engg.) with an intake of 13 students. At present the intake to full time PG program is 25 students. The Department is holding a minor centre under Q.I.P and an authorized research centre of IKG Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala for Ph.D. Keeping in view the graduate attributes of ethical practices and social responsibility, green and clean energy obligation, the Department has installed a 700 kWp rooftop grid connected solar power plant in college premises.

H.I.R.A. (Humanoid Integrated-circuit Robot Assembly),

Gesture Control Robot
By:Final Year Students
External Theory Exam of Minor Degree (ESE May 2022)
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Minor Degree Study Scheme Electrical Engineering
Notice regarding Group Photograph of 2018-22 Batch
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Mid-term Evaluation of Thesis work M.Tech Power Engg. Batch 2020
Minor Project Notice
M.Tech power Engg. Pre-thesis Project Guide allotment (Jan-may 2022)
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Audit course MST datesheet (MTech 2nd sem Power Engg.) Jan- May 2022
MST datesheet (MTech 2nd sem Power Engg.) Jan- May 2022
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Major Project Presentation (Jan-may 2022)
Smart India Hackathon 2022
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Datesheet for MST-I (Jan-may 2022)
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Minor Project- Guide Allotment
Notice for Classroom teaching Minor Engineering degree
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Datesheet for External Viva-Voce examination of Six months Industrial Training (2018-2022)
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Alumni and Research development Grant
Guide Allotment for Major Project Groups (Final Year Sept 2021)
Induction Program for freshers B.Tech(LEET) and M.Tech(Power Engg.)
Schedule for open elective of PG Program 3rd semester MSE-1 (Aug- Dec2021)
Open elective Datesheet for Online 1st MSE (Aug- Dec2021)
General Instructions for Online 1st MSE (Aug- Dec2021)
Revised Datesheet for 1st Online MSE M.Tech (regular/Part time) Aug- Dec2021
Datesheet for 1st Online MSE B.Tech (except newly admitted LEET Students) Aug- Dec2021
Time Table (Minor Engineering and Detainee Students) Sep-Dec 2021
M.Tech Power and Electrical engineering Notice for pre-Thesis Project
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Schedule of internal viva-voce examination of Six months Industrial Training Batch (2017-2021)
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Datesheet of External Practical Viva-voce June 2021
Notice regarding 5th IEEE National level Project Competition 2021
Major Project Submission Notice
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Pre-submission Thesis Viva
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Major Project : Guide Allotment
Notice for Classroom Teaching for Minor Engineering Degree
Minor Project Notice
Notice regarding M.Tech(Electrical/Power Engg) Thesis work
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Schedule of internal viva voce of six month industrial training batch(2017-2021) 7th sem
Datesheet for External Training Viva-Voce
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Datesheet for External Pre-Thesis Viva (Mtech Electrical Engg)
Datesheet for External Pre-Thesis Viva (Mtech Power Engg)
Schedule for Major Project External Viva-voce (Btech 7th semester)
Datesheet for 1st Online MST (M.Tech 1st sem students Only)
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Datesheet for External Practical Viva-Voce B.Tech Dec 2020
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External Viva-voce Examination (Btech Final year June- 2020)
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MST-II Department wise Time Schedule
Open Elective Exam Datesheet MST-II
MST-II Datesheet (M. Tech (Part time))
MST-II Datesheet (B. Tech and M. Tech (full time))
Notice regarding Thesis Guide Allotment (Mtech Power Engg. 2018 Batch and Electrical Engg. 2017 Batch)
Notice regarding Digital Initiatives under TEQIP-III
Urgent Notice
Notice regarding Synopsis Presentation (Mtech Power Engineering)
Mid Semester Examination Instructions for Students (Jan-May 2020)
Revised MST-I Datesheet (Jan-May 2020)
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Notice regarding Two week pre-induction Training program
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Revised Datesheet for External VIVA-VOCE for 2019)
Campus Placement Drive by IndiaMart
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Notice regarding Rescheduling of MST-II timing on 18/11/2019(Monday)
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Notice regarding Selection of 2019 Passout Student
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Schedule for 2 weeks Pre-induction Training program for D4EE(section-A)
Notice regarding Registration for placement drive by Tech Mahindra BPS
Notice regarding Joint campus placement Drive by Extra marks learning App (BGIET Sangrur)
Notice regarding guidelines for six months industrial and software training Viva-Voce Examination
Schedule For Internal Viva-Voce Examination of 6 Months Industrial Training (2015-2019 BATCH)
Datesheet for External Viva-Voce (May2019)
MST-II Datesheet (April 2019)
Notice regarding Remedial Classes for Academically Weak Students
MST-I Syllabus (Feb 2019)
MST-I Date Sheet (Feb 2019)
Notice regarding Synopsis Presentation of Mtech Thesis (Part time 2016 batch)
Notice regarding Submission dates of Mtech Thesis (full time 2017 batch and Part time 2016 batch)
M.Tech Part Time Time Table Jan-May 2019
Industrial Training Schedule
Practical Viva Voce Date Sheet, December 2018
Schedule,Viva-Voce,Industrial Training,D4EE
Viva-Voce,D4EE,Training,to be held on 21/12/2018,Rules
MST II Syllabus
MST II Date Sheet(Nov 2018)
Expert lecture on automation in oil and natural gas industry by Er. Sumit Grover, Genesis Controls, Dated 01/08/2018
Pending six months industrial training list of Electrical (2019 passing out) students
Offer of scholarship for D4EE meritorious GIRLS (sponsored by Golden Jubilee batch, 1964-68)
Gate 2018 Qualified Students
B.Tech Students Felicitations, IIT, Ropar
Notice regarding Mid Term Evaluation Schedule for M.Tech Power 2016 batch & M.Tech Electrical Engineering Part Time 2015 batch
Notice regarding M.Tech Power 2016 batch final Thesis and Guide allotment
Notice regarding M.Tech Part Time 2015 guides allotment
Urgent Notice Concerning Detained Electrical Students
IEEE Paper Contest
Notice regarding Minor Engineering Degree(2018 batch onwards)
List of MOOCs Courses for Minor degree in Electrical Engineering(July-Dec 2019)
Selection at infosys Ltd.
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campus placement drive by Star health and allied insurance Co. Ltd
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Notice regarding Objective Test of Students going on Industrial Training D4EE(A)
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Students list open elective –II subjects (7th Sem) and open elective-non credit (5th sem) for the session Aug.-Dec. 2023 8/8/23
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