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Make -up Exam Nov-2023
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New Section/Group 4th semester
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List of detainee students eligible for ESE July-Dec 2023
New section and group division 3rd sem
Schedule of Makeup Examination of ESE MAY2023
Revised List of Open Elective - 5th Semester
Notice for 1st year and LEET students Admission 2023 11/8/23
Students list open elective –II subjects (7th Sem) and open elective-non credit (5th sem) for the session Aug.-Dec. 2023 8/8/23
Venue for displaying Answer sheet 3/8/23
Name correction 2/8/23
Training List 27/7/23
MOOCs Minor Degree 26/7/23
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TR-101 Training Schedule
Final year paper showing 28/6/23
Mtech thesis internal viva 26/6/23
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Six month industrial training viva-voce 8/6/23
Rules for issue of documents 18/5/23
E Cell hackathon 18/5/23
MST-2 Datesheet 16/5/23
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Timetable for Minor degree 11/5/23
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